Some of my Why

I was asked today to share my Why. Why do I teach CPR and First Aid? Why did I decide to start a small instructional business? Why do I continue to teach? I could add a few more Why questions, but you get the idea. I think part of my answer is the email tagline from someone who had taken one of my courses and went on to schedule several classes in his community.

CPR Certified, CPR Saved

About 6 months before his CPR class, he died of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and was revived by a friend who knew CPR.

You might not know that I used to work part-time as a Firefighter/EMT-I. I became an instructor through my Fire Department and slowly began branching out teaching more classes. Over the years it’s become a pretty steady part-time business. There are times that it has been overwhelming or so slow that I thought I’d need to close my doors.  But I keep teaching, because I know I am training people to save lives.

I have been fortunate over the past few years to meet quite a few people who are SCA Survivors. I’m hearing more CPR stories in my classes of everyday people performing CPR or providing First Aid. I have always believed that each of us has the ability to help someone in an emergency.  Learning CPR and First Aid helps to give confidence to know what to do, and how to do it, when someone collapses, is injured, or becomes ill.

The random stranger who sees someone collapse and takes action – they could be helping or saving the life of someone you know, it could be someone I know.  Training people to save lives, that part is of my Why.

Some of my Why
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