We provide courses certified through the American Heart Association (AHA), the American Red Cross (ARC), the Health and Safety Institute (HSI), the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI), and Safe Sitter. There are several course formats, options, and locations.

Course Formats | Scheduled and On-Site Classes | Course Descriptions | Books and Course Materials | Scouting Programs

Course Formats

Classroom Courses
Classroom Courses are taught and attended in a classroom setting. All material is presented and practiced in the classroom and participants are expected to demonstrate skills learned in the class. Classroom courses include full, renewal, and challenge classes.

Blended Learning Courses
Blended courses are a combination of an online learning course and a shorter classroom skill session. Courses are divided into two or three parts; part one is the online course and parts two and three cover hands-on skills practice and skills testing. Skills verification can be done in a classroom setting, remote group verification, or 1:1 remote verification.

Remote/Virtual Courses
Remote Courses involve us meeting on Zoom or other videoconferencing app. Most involve taking a blended learning course, receiving a supply kit in the mail, and meeting remotely to practice and test on the hands-on-skills. Some remote classes might be held completely remotely. Most remote classes do require pick up or mailing out a supply kit to practice hands-on skills on CPR and First Aid equipment.

Online Courses
Online Courses are self-guided courses that do not include a hands-on skills session to earn certification.

Scheduled and on-site classes

Scheduled classes
Scheduled open enrollment courses are held at the Coastal CPR & First Aid classroom at 861 Lafayette Rd #7 in Hampton, NH 03842 unless otherwise noted. Class schedules and registration links can be found on the Class Schedule page.

On-site & private classes
In addition to the regular classroom schedule, we also provide courses on-site for business, clubs, schools, families and other organizations. we also provide some one-on-one classes or skills sessions. Courses can be scheduled at locations within a 45 minute drive of the Hampton-Portsmouth, NH area. Please contact us at classes @ coastalcpr.com for information, pricing, or to schedule your class.

On-site and private charges begin with a base rate cost that includes the cost of the course, books and supplies for up to 4 attendees. There is an additional cost per person for each additional participant. There may be additional costs for larger classes as we need to schedule additional instructors to assist.

What Class Should I Take?
Are you required to have CPR or First Aid Certification for your job or a license requirement? Click here for my Handy Guide of common careers and the typical certifications they may require. This list is merely provided as an informational tool when considering which course to take. You should check with your employer or organization for confirmation of which courses you may or may not be required to take or contact Gail for more details and guidance.

Course Descriptions

Adult, Child & Infant CPR AED and relief of choking. 2 different types of barrier devices are covered. An optional written test is available.

First Aid
General First Aid principles, medical emergencies, injuries, environmental emergencies and what to do until advanced help arrives. An optional written test is available.

First Aid CPR AED
Adult, Child & Infant CPR AED and relief of choking. General First Aid principles, medical emergencies, injuries, environmental emergencies and what to do until advanced help arrives. An optional written test is available.

Pediatric First Aid CPR AED
Focusing specifically for providers working with children, this course covers Adult, Child & Infant CPR AED and relief of choking. Pediatric First Aid, injuries, medical and environmental emergencies. An optional written test is available.

BLS for Healthcare Providers
1, 2 rescuer and team CPR AED for Adults, Children & Infants. Relief of choking, use of barrier devices and bag valve mask. Includes the written and practical test. BLS Provider, BLS Renewal, BLS Challenge, BLS Online or Heartcode BLS Skills Sessions are offered.

Through a partnership with Life Safety Institute we are offering Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

Bloodborne Pathogens
Understanding what bloodborne pathogens are, prevention of exposure, what to do and reporting.

Personal and child safety, feeding, playtime, safety and an overview of first aid. We are excited to offer both Safe Sitter and HSI Child and Babysitting Safety programs.

Wilderness First Aid
Participants will learn advanced First Aid skills that would be used in a remote setting where access to emergency help may be delayed. We offer the 8-hour core course, 16-hour intermediate course, and 36-hour comprehensive course.

Summit Training Source Safety and OSHA Courses
Need OSHA 10 or 30 Hour Training for General Industry & Construction, HAZWOPER, or looking for online safety training for work or business? We’re pleased to be able to offer online training programs through Summit Training Source and the Health and Safety Institute. Please use this link to visit the Summit Training Source website to view and register for courses.

Books and Course Materials

Most courses require a book, you can choose between a paper book or an eBook. For some courses you will select and pay for your book, for some courses the book cost is included in the course charge. Books are handed out at the start of the class unless you select to have your book mailed or if you want to pick it up. We have a book pick up box outside the Training Center in Hampton unless other arrangements are made. The option to mail a book is available for an additional charge to cover the cost of postage and our trip to the Post Office. Currently, the cost to mail a book is $5.00

Programs for Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouting America, Trail Life Scouts, and American Heritage Girls

We provide courses for troop leaders, older scouts, and badge programs for Scouts of all ages. Gail is a Lifetime member and registered volunteer with Girl Scouts and a Scouting America Merit Badge Counselor. As a scouting parent and volunteer, she knows how challenging it can be to provide great programming to kids on a budget. Programs can include certification courses, badge workshops, achievements, and merit badges. Please contact Gail for information on discounted programs for troops and volunteers.

Badge Programs
We can provide tailored programs to meet badge requirements. Just email us and include the name, or a copy or description of the badge you are working on so we can look up the most recent requirements.

Courses Available include but are not limited to:

  • Brownie First Aid badge
  • Junior First Aid badge
  • Cadette First Aid badge
  • Webelos Readyman Achievement
  • Scouting America First Aid Merit Badge

We can also do programs or provide an outline for the Girl Scout Safety Award pins. For the Junior, Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts First Aid Legacy badges, we have created 2.5-3-hour programs that meet all the badge requirements in one session. These classes can be offered at our Hampton, NH classroom or can be scheduled for your troop meeting.

Please note that all course charges and fees cover the course supplies which include, but are not limited to books, mannequin lungs, barrier sheets, training valves, gauze, gloves, first aid supplies, cleaning supplies, books and/or handouts and the cost of certification cards; as well as payment to the instructor, rent and utilities. These charges and fees to do not represent income to the American Heart Association, American Safety & Health Institute, American Red Cross, or other organizations whose programs I may offer. These organizations are compensated through my purchase of their training materials, books & cards.

The official disclaimer from the American Heart Association:

The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in all AHA courses and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the AHA. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials, do not represent income to the AHA.