Does your organization, school, or business have an AED? Do you need supplies or replacement pads for your AED? I’m happy to offer AED’s, AED pads, AED batteries, and other AED supplies. If I have provided training for your organization I can provide these items at a discount to you or can offer you a training and purchase discount.

If you are a NH organization you can purchase an AED at a reduced cost through the State of NH AED Direct Purchase Program. These are very low prices, but they are only for organizations located in New Hampshire.

Below are price ranges for AED pads and AED’s. Each brand has different options. Please contact me for specific product pricing.

AED pads
Cardiac Science $69-$225
Defibtech $38-$99
Heartsine pad/battery pack $176-$209
Philips $56-$110
Physio-Control $46-$189
Zoll $55-$169
Shipping for all pads to your location is approximately $10
Factory Reconditioned
Cardiac Science G3
Defibtech Lifeline
Heartsine pad/battery pack
Philips Heartstart Onsite
Philips Heartstart FRX
Physio-Control Lifepak CR Plus
Physio-Control Lifepak Express
Zoll AED Plus
These are base prices. There may be additional costs for AED options, extra pads, prescriptions, or AED management.

If you’re scheduling a course and would like to discuss purchasing an AED for your organization please ask me directly for discounted purchase and training package prices.