Yesterday the American Heart Association released a statement on COVID-19 – the Coronavirus – and how we should make adjustments in our BLS and CPR classes.

Their statement can be found here: AHA COVID-19

How does this impact your upcoming class?

I’ll be taking the following steps:

  • Students will be seated further apart and mannequins will be spread out further to minimize close contact.
  • When feasible I will use additional equipment to minimize sharing.
  • Classes that use barrier sheets will only be using pocket masks. Even though I do use barrier sheets in all my classes, the AHA would prefer us not use them or allow students to do mouth to mouth at this time. If students would like to practice with the barrier sheets we’ll clean the mannequin before and after practice.
  • I always have disinfectant wipes in my classroom, but I’ll spread them out around the room for more easier access to them.
  • I have ordered individual antiseptic towelettes for students to use in class.
  • Course participants will be asked to wash their hands before class and before/after having snacks or breaks.
  • BLS students will be provided gloves to wear during team practice skills practice.


These recommendations will be in place through April or extended if needed based on AHA recommendations. Providing wipes, disinfectant, and thorough cleaning of equipment is something that I practice regularly in my classroom.

If you have any allergies to cleaning or scented products please contact me before the class so that I can make sure the classroom is allergy-safe for you.

Keep in mind that the steps to prevent or minimize contact with any type of virus are the same, whether it’s Coronavirus, the Flu, the Common Cold, or other viruses. Steps everyone should be taking during cold and flu season are the same. Good hand washing, staying home when you are ill, and practicing good hygiene are not things to think about only when worried about a pandemic. These are things we should be doing all of the time.

If you’re feeling unwell, please contact me to reschedule. There is no additional charge to transfer to another class.

If you’d like to switch to a future class just email me which upcoming class you’d like to transfer to. I’m happy to reschedule you, there is no charge for this.

All classes will be held as scheduled. Any changes to the class schedule will be posted on my website and on my Coastal CPR and First Aid Facebook Page.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or email me.

COVID-19 and CPR classes
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