I posted back in September that I would be Searching for a New Studio. The office condo I was renting was going on the market and I needed to find a new home for my courses. My current lease ends this January.

It’s been a stressful past few months looking for a new home. I wanted to my classes closer to where my kids activities are, so I was looking in the Portsmouth area. Many of the listings were way above my price range, or things in my price range were very, very small.

So I began expanding my search … and finally found it! I’m moving to Hampton!

I know that sounds really far from Portsmouth, but I found a nice space on Rte 1 just over the North Hampton town line. It’s 20 minutes from downtown Portsmouth, and only 22 minutes from my house. It was 20 minutes from Portsmouth to the Dover studio. The space is larger than where I am currently in Dover and is on the first floor.

Classes will begin to be held at the new classroom beginning in February 2018!

I’m moving!
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