Remote Skills Verification

So you need to renew your certification, or you need to get certification. But with Stay at Home orders everywhere… how do you take a class?

Blended Learning with Remote Skills Verification!

This is something I have been working on. I attended a webinar on it last week and have been planning the logistics. There are several steps and options with Blended Learning with Remote Skills Verification.

Step 1 for all is an online course. Courses include Heartcode BLS, CPR AED, First Aid, First Aid CPR AED, and Child & Babysitter Safety.

Steps 2 and 3 involve a skills session. The skills session can be held remotely in a group Skype or Zoom call, as a 1:1 Skype or Zoom call, or through the ASHI web platform. Limited small group classroom skills sessions are scheduled for those who would prefer to meet in-person for their skills session.

“But wait” you’re thinking … “How do I do a CPR Skills Session from home when I don’t have CPR manikins?”. Good question! That’s the part I’m setting up.

RSV (Remote Skills Verification) through Coastal CPR & First Aid

If you are local to Hampton or Portsmouth I will deliver the Skills Session equipment to you approximately 1 day before your Skills Session. I will contact you to schedule a drop off time. Equipment will be cleaned and sanitized and I will be wearing PPE when handling it. After I drop outside your location you can pick it up. After your Skills Session you will return all the equipment to the bag or box I dropped it off in. We will schedule a time for me to pick it up.

If you are not local to Hampton or Portsmouth I will mail out smaller Skills Sessions kits. After your Remote Skills Session you will mail the kit back to me. I will include a pre-paid return label with the box.

Once equipment is returned your digital certification card will be issued.

RSV directly through ASHI
ASHI has set up a several courses that they will mail out a manikin and supplies directly for me. The Skills Session is handled through their educational platform. Options they have include mailing you a manikin and supplies you return or mailing you a disposable manikin you can keep.

“Which option should I do?”
If you need BLS, First Aid, or Babysitting – you’ll need to schedule your RSV directly with Coastal CPR & First Aid.

If you need CPR AED or First Aid CPR AED you can register and schedule with either Coastal CPR or for an ASHI course with RSV. They have 2 options – with a manikin you return or a manikin you keep.

What courses are available? You can view them on my Remote Skills Verification page.

Remote Skills Verification
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