Do you make resolutions each year? Do you keep up with them?

I’m not always the greatest with resolutions, so I’ve switched to make goals. Somehow I’m better at those. I feel like a goal is measurable and can be broken down into step that help me to accomplish it.

So … (insert drumroll) … here are my Coastal CPR & First Aid goals for 2018.

Add some new classes
I’ve been wanting to add some new classes for a while. With the move to a larger classroom space it will be easier for me to do that. I’m looking at adding Advanced First Aid or Emergency Medical Response. I will be switching things up and adding more ASHI CPR AED and First Aid programs. I’d also like to invite some friends who teach more advanced or unique classes to offer them in the new classroom.

Move to a larger classroom
Yes – I’m moving! Our lease was up in Dover and the office condo was placed for sale. I’ve found a larger space which means more room to do more things. I’m excited that it’s on the first floor so I’m not carrying my equipment up and down stairs anymore and there is plenty of free parking.

Adjust my class schedules
While I’ll still be co-sharing the new office, the schedule will be changing. This should allow more flexibility in which days and evenings I offer classes.

Feedback devices are coming!
As of January 2019 the American Heart Association is requiring feedback devices on all Adult CPR mannequins that provide real-time feedback on compression depth and rate. I’ve already ordered a few upgrade kits for my mannequins and will be retrofitting the rest shortly. The upgrade kits are on back order, but hopefully I’ll the first few by the end of January 2018.

Provide more information
I would like to provide more information on CPR, Safety, First Aid, and related products. I’ll be doing so by expanding my blog and sending out a monthly newsletter.

What do you think I should add in 2018?

2018 Goals

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