Last week it snowed. A lot. The meteorologist on TV suggested taking 3 measurements in different areas and average them to determine how much snow we received. In my yard it ranged from 22″ to 27″. No matter how you average it, that’s a lot of snow.

This is a yardstick in the snow in my yard.
This is a yardstick in the snow in my yard.

This creates an insane amount of havoc on my class schedule. Last Tuesday I had a class scheduled, which meant I had to reschedule. One person I tested alone, one switched to a class this upcoming week, the others I have not heard back from. This is a healthcare provider renewal, so if they need it they’ll call or email. I don’t chase people down.

This week we’re getting snow. Again. On Monday. When I have 3 classes scheduled.


I just spent 20 minutes figuring out how to fit more classes in over the upcoming week to reschedule all these students. Normally I can squeeze it in. But for the last month, and in this month I am working more hours at my part-time job. I always thought I’d like more hours, but not I’m seeing the downside as it is making scheduling so much more difficult. Add in a few medical or dental appointments for myself or my kids, and my calendar is booked solid. If anyone can figure out how to get more than 24 hours in a day please let me know.

So the weather is not my friend. It would be so much easier if it would snow on a day I’m not teaching, but I have no control over that. Please be considerate when I’m trying to reschedule. I’m doing my best to accommodate everyone and their certification needs.

Weather is not my friend

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