I wish I was pulling an April Fools Day prank by writing that it’s going to snow. But sadly it is not a prank.

After a mild start to our winter I’ve spent a good portion of February and March rescheduling classes due to snow. I don’t cancel due to bad weather, I reschedule. Because I know if you’re signed up for a class you need it for work or school.

My weather policy is here: https://coastalcpr.com/winter-weather-announcements-2016-2017/.

The challenge is this is a Saturday class. Most of my weather policy is tied into what the public schools are doing, and well, schools are not in session on Saturdays.

As of Friday morning at 7 am the WMUR forecast is showing Dover receiving 5″-10″ of snow and Portsmouth receiving 4″-8″ inches. It will snow all day ending around 6pm.

While I will make a final determination no later than 7 am Saturday morning, if the evening forecast has not improved the classes will be rescheduled to Sat 4/8.

If you cannot attend the rescheduled class date and have pre-paid for the course you will receive a full refund.

Other reschedule options are to switch to another scheduled upcoming class or switching to a Heartsaver Online course with a skills session. I have a morning skills session on Thurs 4/6 and an evening skills session on Mon 4/15.

It’s going to snow on April 1st, no foolin’
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