I’m on vacation. I don’t take vacations that often, but I do plan time off every now and then. I’ve just returned from traveling with my family to our Nation’s Capital. We visited monuments, memorials, and museums. We walked miles and miles seeing all the sites. I’m back in NH now, but I’m still on vacation until May 1st. I’ve been catching up on emails and will get caught up on voice mail over the weekend. Today (Friday) I am at a camp with my son attending a Boy Scout program. I have wifi, but have no signal to return phone calls. I might later when I get out hiking.

I’m a solopreneur, which means when I take time off there are no classes held. Next class is Monday 5/1 6pm.

The Udvar-Hazy Museum outside of DC was one of our best stops.

April vacation 2017

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