It’s been a busy, but fun summer resuming classes!

I’ve re-arranged the classroom multiple times, moved things out, added things, and am continually looking at how to continue Safely Teaching Safety.

This is my new tag line. Safely Teaching Safety. It represents what I’ve been doing all along. From teaching how to use different types of barrier devices, using good body form to avoid injury, to how I keep my equipment clean for you to use. When I review the changes I’ve made, most of them are in how my classroom is set up. My cleaning and decontamination procedures meet COVID-19 requirements and I only made one change in cleaning products.

So what’s new since the May update? Here’s the updates plus what I’ve set in place since March.

What I have done to keep the classroom safe for all to participate:

  • Max class size is now 4-5 participants. This allows us all to maintain physical distancing.
  • All class participants will wear masks and gloves. If you don’t have your own I will provide them. I do ask that you not bring latex gloves into my classroom.
  • No one shares equipment. Everyone will have their own station with their CPR manikins, BLS or CPR AED supplies and/or First Aid supplies.
  • All skills are practiced on the manikins or on yourself. There will be no pairing up with a partner to practice a skill.


Prior to your class:

  • If you are sick, feeling sick, have been exposed to someone who is sick – email me ASAP and I’ll reschedule you to a later class. You should quarantine for 14 days.
  • If you recently traveled from another state or location outside of New England – email me ASAP and I’ll reschedule you to a later class. You should quarantine for 14 days.


When you arrive for your class:

  1. Please stop at the mask and glove station in the foyer. If you do not have your own mask, please put on a disposable mask. I may have cotton masks available as well.
  2. You can use the hand sanitzer, or wash your hands in the restroom in the back of the classroom.
  3. After handwashing or sanitizing please put on a pair of gloves. Gloves are located in the foyer and outside of the restroom.
  4. Please sign the digital roster on the laptop on the table in the foyer.
  5. Then take a seat at one of the stations set up in the room


If you would prefer to reschedule to a later class please check the class schedule to see future dates – the schedule is posted into September. Just email me the date you want to register to and I will transfer you. This is easier than you creating a second registration.

If you would prefer to reschedule a classroom course or classroom skills session to a blended class with remote skills session please email me. I can transfer you, there is just a few extra steps I need to take. Please check the Remote Skills Verification page for more detailed information on this option.

These guidelines and restrictions have been put in place following the recommendations of the American Heart Association, American Safety & Health Institute, the Centers for Disease Control, and the State of New Hampshire. Here are links to their recommendations:

Centers for Disease Control guide on how to protect yourself
American Heart Association Training Memo on COVID-19
American Safety and Health Institute Memo on COVID-19 for Training Centers
American Safety and Health Institute Memo on COVID-19 for CPR and First Aid Providers
Updated American Heart Association Interim Guidelines on Card Extensions During COVID-19
AHA Interim Guidelines on Card Extensions During COVID-19 Updated 7.23.2020
NH Emergency Orders
NH Stay at Home 2.0
NH Safer at Home

I look forward to continuing to Safely Teaching Safety! If you have any questions about upcoming classes please don’t hesitate to email me.

Health & Safety Update 9/1/2020

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