In the midst of COVID-19 a lot of hard work came to fruition – my application to become an American Heart Association Training Center was approved! I moved from being an authorized AHA Training Site under the AHA Training Center at Portsmouth Regional Hospital to becoming Coastal CPR & First Aid, an Authorized National AHA Training Center NH20943.

This change involved months of work that began with the notice that HCA was closing all of their AHA Training Centers, including mine at Portsmouth Regional Hospital. I began researching where to re-align. During that process I completed and submitted a pre-application form to become a Training Center with the AHA.

And then COVID-19 happened. Things shifted. But I received a letter from the AHA to fully apply. I completed the long checklist of documentation that they required and submitted it. And went back to Safely Teaching Safety in my classroom.

And in May I received an email with the subject line of “Welcome New Training Center”.

It’s been a joy, and a lot of work, getting things set up as new instructors align with the Training Center. Opening a new Training Center in a pandemic has presented some challenges, but I’m excited to see our Training Center continue to grow to allow us to provide life-saving training.

If you’re interested in becoming an AHA Instructor we’ll be offering instructor courses in November after the release of the 2020 Guidelines in October.

If you’re an AHA instructor looking to align with our Training Center please check out our Instructor Information page for information about our Training Center and how to apply.

Training Site to Training Center
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