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Do you own an AED?  Are you located in the State of New Hampshire?

If you answered YES to both those questions – have you registered your AED?

The State of New Hampshire has a mandatory AED registry law.  I wrote about it several years ago on my CPRMom Blog – Registering that AED.   I also wrote about a number of AED laws in NH, but it was several years ago and I’ll need to check to see if they are all still accurate.

But the AED Registry Law is still on the books.  And it’s super helpful…. here’s why…

You’re a business owner and you buy an AED.  All you need to do is fill out this simple form and email it to the State.  All the directions and contact info are on the form.  The form is an editable pdf so you don’t even need to fill it out with a pen!

You’re you – at work, out doing errands, having fun with family/friends, doing what you normally do – and someone collapses nearby.  Yikes!  You make sure the scene is safe, you check for unresponsiveness, you call 911.  911 may ask – do you have an AED? But what if you’re not at work? You’re on a sidewalk outside your favorite lunch spot!  You don’t have an AED!  So you tell 911 “NO! I don’t have one!”.  And it’s okay – they will TELL you where the nearest one is!  How can they do that?  They can because NH requires all organizations and individuals to register their AEDs.

This regisitry is benefit to organizations and lay responders in an emergency.  Have you registered your AED?


NH AED Registry Law
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