If you looked at my calendar you’ll notice I’m not in class teaching every day. Those days are spent with my family, supporting my kids with remote learning (I could say I’m the unpaid substitute teacher, but I do feel it’s our responsibility as parents to support and help our kids), spending time outside, and working on my business. But not everything I do or offer in my instructional business is a paid or certification class.

I spent the better part of 2 days this week writing up outlines, lesson plans, making supply lists, making online resource pages, and creating handouts for remote first aid badge programs. I’ve moved from the term Virtual to Remote because I’m not virtually teaching… I AM teaching – but using video conferencing or other online methods. I can see my students and they can see me.

I’m volunteering my time to create these programs because they achieve several important things. I’m teaching life-saving skills to kids. They can learn how to help themselves, their family, and their community. They also are earning a badge that shows they have learned these skills and I think that gives them more pride than a digital card.

The challenge – doing this remotely while the kids already have hours more screen time per week than we want them to have. Some things they’ll need to research on their own, our remote sessions are going to cover most of the hands-on skills practice. The fun part – using things they have at home! I’ve created a supply list of things they may have at home that they can use instead of what I might provide in my classroom. So we’ll be using tissues, neckerchiefs, dishtowels, rulers or sticks, tape, and a variety of items you’d find in most houses to complete this. What do you think they might need a ruler for? What can they do with a dishtowel? You’d be surprised to find out!

If you’re a Scout leader for any program – I’ve done workshops and programs for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Scouts BSA, Cub Scouts, American Heritage Girls, and Trail Life Scouts – please check out my Remote Programs page. If I don’t have a program that fits what your organization or troop is doing – email me! I’m happy to try to help you out. The kids we are training today are the lifesavers we’re going to need in the future.

Remote badge programs

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