Sometimes life throws you a curveball.


Friday night I get a few texts and a phone call. My mom is in the hospital, and it does not look good. Can I come down right away?

I have a class scheduled for Saturday. Granted it is a small class, but I have students who have paid for a course. I am a Training Site of 1. I do not have a backup instructor.

I spent part of Saturday’s class checking my phone. Surgery scheduled for Tuesday. I have classes Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday. I start emailing all my students. Sunday’s class for a Girl Scout troop will be rescheduled. Tuesday’s class rescheduled. I finish my class, run home for dinner, and hit the road. She’s been transferred to a hospital about an hour & a half away.

The challenge with being self-employed is I can’t call in sick. When I have to reschedule classes it impacts more than just me. Tuesday’s students are rescheduled for 2 different days. My schedule will be in flux this week. On top of my class schedule is my daughter’s upcoming graduation, a Girl Scout camporee and a graduation party. It’s a lot of overwhelm.

I’ll be doing my best to keep up.

Sudden change of schedule

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