CPR Feedback Devices

Almost 2 years ago I upgraded my adult mannequins to provide assisted feedback. I was worried it would make skills practice ‘game-like’ and well, I was sooooo wrong.

Assisted feedback devices measure the depth, recoil, and rate of chest compressions on both patients and CPR mannequins. They provide real-time feedback on how you are performing your chest compressions.

For the Accelerated Heartcode BLS skills session this were required in 2018. As of January 2019 All AHA CPR AED courses must have assisted feedback for adult CPR AED. No exceptions! There are a variety of ways instructors can meet this requirement. I found it more cost effective to upgrade my Laerdal mannquins to QCPR. Several months ago I upgraded my child mannequins as well. It’s not required right now, but I know that the requirement will be coming soon and I’ll be ready for it. Last month I purchased Prestan infant mannequins so that now all of my mannequins provide feedback.

My worry starting this upgrade was that it would make group practice like a game. I am so glad I was totally wrong! The feedback and comments from class participants has been amazing. Everyone LOVES the feedback!

Assisted feedback devices aren’t just for classroom use, they’re for use on anyone needing CPR. Today I saw this post on the Laerdal blog about an ambulance service using assisted feedback devices in the field. This is setting the bar for good high-quality CPR by providing immediate data on the effectiveness of our chest compressions.

Did your last class include feedback on the quality of your chest compressions?

CPR Feedback Devices
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