I was asked by a course participant how long she had access to her BLS eBook. She thought it was just 2 years. So I called the AHA to ask.

When you purchase an AHA eBook, or choose to receive an eBook instead of a paper book for your course, you have access to it for the same amount of time as you would the paper book. Meaning – it’s yours. It doesn’t expire, you have that eBook forever. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. If you only read it online and don’t download it, when the new edition is released the old one will probably stop working.

The American Heart Association requires that all course participants receive a book for their classroom course. The only exception to this is for blended learning courses.

On the AHA eBook website it recommends you read it online. However you can download the AHA eBook app to your phone, tablet, or other device and then download the eBook to that. Honestly I do recommend you download it. If you’re not someplace with wifi you can still access your eBook. For BLS students I strongly recommend you download it. The BLS written exam is open-resource and sometimes the wifi in my classroom is wonky. You’ll want access to your eBook.

eBooks cost the same as the paper book, so there is no price difference in receiving an eBook. If you want your book in advance of the class and don’t want to wait to have it mailed, an eBook link can be in your inbox with a few hours to a day of your registration. I manually send you the link – so it might be a bit if I’m not near a computer for a few hours.

Some people love the convenience of an eBook, some prefer to have a paper copy. I provide the options for both when you register for a course. Although course payment is required in advance for me to send any books out to you ahead of your class date.

For BLS students who receive an eBook – I do have some extra paper copies on hand I can loan you if you find that easier to navigate during the course or exam.

What is your preference? Do you prefer an eBook or a paper book for your class?

Just how long do you have that eBook for?
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