Looking for a class, yesterday

I get a lot of calls from folks who need certification ASAP.  The call usually starts out asking if I have a class that day or the next day. Because, they usually explain, they needed to certified or recertified already.  Like … they should have been in a class yesterday.

They had a deadline and they missed it.  Sometimes I do have a class that day or the next that they can join in. Often I don’t.  Some will ask if I’ll do a class just for them right away.  I’m sympathetic, I do understand that sometimes we miss deadlines.  We get busy, life happens, etc.  However I can’t drop everything to do a private one-on-one class, especially not for the same course charge as one of my open-enrollment classes.

I will occasionally schedule a private one-on-one certification course.  It’s pretty rare though.  I have to charge for the same amount of time and the individual supplies to do this, and it can be pricey.  Which is why I don’t often recommend it.

But what can get frustrating is the folks who call or email and demand that I do a class for just them, or try to guilt me into doing a class just for them.  My class schedule is based on my family’s schedule, and while I do leave open days for booking on-site classes, it’s just not cost effective to do this.  I’m really not comfortable charge a large fee for 1 person.

In the summer my schedule is reduced because my kids are home from school.  I’m teaching a lot less so I can enjoy the summer with them.  I have a classes every few weeks. If those don’t meet your deadline I’m happy to suggest other places or instructors to call.  Just please be kind when you call and ask for a class yesterday.

Looking for a class, yesterday
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