Sometimes it snows in New Hampshire
While the past few winters have been mild, it looks like we might get some snow in 2024! So here’s what our class schedule plan is for this winter.

This year we’re trying a new class schedule, classes are on a 2-week alternating schedule. On week 1 the weekday amd evening classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On week 2 the weekday and evening classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If we have to reschedule a class due to weather, it will automatically reschedule to the same day and time the following week. Course participants can choose to transfer to a different scheduled class if that fits their schedule better.

Private classes will be rescheduled to the same day/time 2 weeks later or to a new date as needed.

If we decided to delay the start of a class due to weather it will begin 90-minutes to 2-hours later.

How do we decide to reschedule or delay the start time of a class due to weather? If the schools in Portsmouth and Hampton cancel, we will reschedule the class. If the schools have a 2-hour delay, we will delay the start of the class by 1.5-2 hours – it will depend on the weather conditions. Our philosophy is that if the roads are not safe for school buses to be on them, it’s probably not a great idea for our instructors and course participants to be driving. We know some course participants drive quite a distance to get to our classes and we want you to be safe.

Here is our official weather policy:

Winter weather and the class schedule

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