I’ve been at our present location for 3 1/2 years. Prior to that I had a space in Greenland and rented occasional space in friends yoga and fitness studios. I’ve loved our space in Dover, but it was on the second floor. I travel a lot with my equipment and this past winter I injured my shoulder carrying my equipment bags up the stairs. I began thinking it might be time to look for a new space.

Then Karma intervened … we received a letter from our landlord that they are going to sell the office condo we have been renting. They are cancelling our lease a little early. I do not wish to buy the office condo, so I am going to need to find a new studio or space to hold my classes.

So I am throwing this out to the universe – I need a new home for Coastal CPR & First Aid, LLC. I am also looking for some friends who might wish to share this space with me, as Zabel has decided to downsize a little and focus on her core student group. This could be a partnership of friends, or occasional use – which is how I started out.

Space-wise I need about 400-600 sq feet of classroom space plus storage, but probably no more than 1200 sq feet. I’d like to move to the Portsmouth area as some of my kids have school and activities all in Portsmouth. I would like free parking, so nothing downtown – and the downtown rents are probably out of my budget anyway.

So if you have a space to suggest, or would like to share a space, email me at info @ coastalcpr.com! This fall is turning out to be crazy busy (but when is it not?) and I can email more quickly than returning calls.

Thanks in advance for help!

Searching for a new studio

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