I got so good about blogging, and then I just got really busy. This is a post about scheduling courses as well as blogging.

May has become my busiest month of the year with a lot of on-site classes as organizations try to get training schedule before their staff goes on vacation or because they hire seasonal staff for the summer. It’s begun to spread and this year mid-April though mid-June was pretty much booked solid. I only had a few days off. Those were days I specifically did not schedule classes as I was chaperoning school trips or had family events scheduled. My business is part-time and based around my family’s schedule.

I think the spring and certification renewal dates kind of got away from a number of folks. I had a lot of last minute emails and calls from organizations wanting to schedule classes immediately. And when I have only a limited number dates left it made scheduling hectic and I overbooked a few weeks to accommodate everyone.

Perhaps I should have a system to send reminders out, and it’s something I’ll be researching this summer. On the certification card each course participant receives is a suggested renewal date. Make a note on your calendar about 22 months after your class, or 2 months before the suggested renewal date, to check my online class listings or to contact me about scheduling a class.

Note: I teach fewer open-enrollment classes in the summer. I do still have several open dates for on-site classes if your organization needs one.

Busyness also meant that I did not have time to write blog posts. I know I missed some awesome events and things to write about. I’ll hopefully get back to it soon.

My kids are out of school and summer vacation has begun. Summer is my research time to look at how the past year has gone, what changes I could make in my business and new things to possibly add. It’s a time for review, to recharge, and to refresh my training business.

Happy Summer!

A quick post about being busy, the spring 2018 edition.

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