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We’re over halfway through September and I just now realized it’s National Emergency Preparedness Month.

After a busy off-line summer and the rush to get everyone back to school AND organizing a major fundraiser, I forgot to plan something to celebrate emergency planning.

The month is not yet over though, and there are a lot of cool and awesome resources online. We’ve had 2 major hurricanes hit the US; there are 3 more Atlantic and 2 more Pacific storms headed towards the US, emergency planning and preparedness is still necessary.

The AHA has a post on How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster. has a whole webpage of resources for National Emergency Prepardness Month which includes weekly emergency prepardness themes with checklists of what to do.

The Centers for Disease Control have a very detailed Natural Disaster and Severe Weather webpage, which not only includes preparedness, but what to do after a natural disaster. My favorite is the CDC’s webpage on what to do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse. Which thankfully is pretty much the same ways we’d prepare for most natural disasters or severe weather.

So no matter which of the link’s I’ve shared, or your own planning, knowing what to do in an emergency and preparing for it are important things to do for yourself and your family.

Preparing for natural disaster

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