New technology in the classroom

When I started teaching I used a flat panel TV with a built in DVD player. If I’ve traveled to your organization to teach a class you’ve probably seen it. I still use it as it’s quick to set up and play the course video.

The screen can seem kinda small from the back of the room.

But in the classroom I’ve been using a large flat panel computer with a DVD drive. This has worked super well for the past 3 or so years. But over the past few months the computer has displayed the blue screen of despair a few times in the middle of a course. I have the TV/DVD as a back up, but the screen was a little smaller and with everyone spaced out in the classroom I began looking for something new to play the class videos.

Anne was excited to welcome Alen to the classroom.

And then one of my favorite times of the year comes around… Amazon Prime Day!

Last year I totally took advantage of Amazon Prime Day to buy Alen, our air sanitizer. Alen has been keeping the classroom air clean and healthy for just over a year now.

This year it was go big or go home… and we took advantage of some stellar deals!

New to the classroom is an Amazon Fire TV for watching course videos and a Samsung Smart Monitor for viewing QCPR feedback from the manikins, and also to display any other course materials.

Anne patiently waiting for help to install our new screens

Anne supervised the installation crew.

Many thanks to my family for coming over and helping to install these on the wall. I could not have done it all alone and your help was greatly appreciated!

We still need to adjust cables, set up the Fire Stick (not included but just arrived on the Amazon truck yesterday!), and clean up the wall a bit more. But 2 classes in and the larger screens and mirroring the iPad to the monitor made viewing everything so much easier. Currently we have 6 stations in the room, and the view from the back will be much better.

2 screens! Larger and easier to view

Come check out our new video set up! You can register for any upcoming course by clicking on the Class Schedule link on the top menu of this page.

New technology in the classroom
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