Have you checked to see if your insurance company will reimburse you the cost of taking a CPR, First Aid, or Babysitting class?

A section of my insurance reimbursement form.

Many insurance companies offer programs to entice their subscribers to stay healthy. They have Biometric screenings, smoking cessation, diet and exercise programs, and workshops. Several of these programs will reimburse you for attending a health or wellness program.

Some plans might only cover courses attended by the insurance subscriber, others may reimburse for courses taken by everyone covered under your insurance plan. You can find out what is covered on your insurance companies website or by calling them. I was surprised to see that my insurance program will reimburse the cost of my children taking a babysitting course as well as CPR and First Aid.

If you’re taking a CPR or First Aid course, check to see if your insurance plan will reimburse you the cost of taking the class. You will need to register and pay for the class yourself. Before coming to class download their health program reimbursement form and bring it with you. The course instructor needs to fill out and sign part of the form before you can mail it to your insurance company.

Insurance Reimbursement
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