I began providing remote skills sessions this past Spring. It took a lot of time figuring out how to do it correctly, meet guidelines, meet AHA requirements, and make sure everyone was learning and practicing correctly. I did a quick post in April about remote skills verification.

This post is a bit more detailed. It’s the full details of what happens before, during, and after a remote class.

What you need to attend a remote skills session: 2 devices with internet access. The first device is for meeting over Zoom. This can be a phone, tablet, or computer. The second device is to run an app called QCPR Classroom, this can also be a phone, tablet, or computer. This app allows us to meet the AHA adult CPR feedback requirement.

Step 1: You register for a class. For remote classes I am only providing skills sessions, I am not teaching full courses remotely – although this may change in the future. This means we will be using blended learning. You will take an online class at home first. This can be on your schedule and you can do it in one session or log in and out as much as you need to. Once you complete the online portion of the course you will schedule your skills session through the link provided in your course link email. It might be a link for a 1:1 session or it might be a link to a group remote session.

Step 2: Once you register I will mail or deliver to you a kit of supplies. This will typically contain a Laerdal Mini Anne, Laerdal Mini Baby, pocket mask, one-way valve, and AED Simulator. If you’re taking First Aid there will be first aid supplies, if you’re taking BLS there will be 2 Bag Valve Mask Resuscitators as well. I typically mail the boxes, but if you’re local we might arrange drop off or pick up – as contactless as possible. Also in the box will be detailed directions listing what is in the box, how to set up the equipment with a QR code to download the QCPR app, as well as information on claiming your eCard and a return mail label. When the box arrives please open it and check that everything is there.

Note – I have a limited number of remote session kits, so if all are spoken for I may need to reschedule your skills session.

Step 3: I will send you an email the day of, or maybe the day before your skills session. This email will have our Zoom link, directions to set up the QCPR Classroom app, and confirms the date/time we are meeting.

Step 4: Prior to our session you need to set up the equipment. Detailed directions are provided on how to set up Mini Anne with the inflation bag and Baby Anne with a hand pump. You will need to set up on the floor or table where it is comfortable for you to practice on the equipment and that I can see you and the manikin over Zoom.

Step 5: We meet over Zoom! Please have your camera on and unmute your microphone so I can see and hear you. I will walk you through all the steps as we practice.

Step 6: After our session you get to pack up most of the equipment to mail back to me. Please discard the one-way valve and if you also took first aid the gloves and gauze should be discarded – I do not need those back. Everything else goes back in the box – don’t worry about packing it as neatly as it arrived, as long as it fits in the box you are good! Please tape the box shut and tape the return mailing label to the front of it. The box needs to go in the mail the following day. It can be dropped at any Post Office or mail is collected at your location you can leave it for the postal carrier to pick up. If we did drop off/pick up we’ll confirm how the equipment is to be returned.

Step 7: When I receive the box I double check that everything has been returned and I clean it. I will issue your eCard or digital card once I’ve confirmed that everything has been returned in good working order.

That’s it! 7 steps to taking a BLS, CPR AED, or First Aid blended class with a remote skills session. If you have any questions please let me know.

Remote skills – what students should know

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