I subscribe to a number of blogs and websites that provide some pretty good information on CPR, First Aid and Safety. It’s a good way to keep current and see what is new.

Several months ago I read a blog about getting found online. Which made me laugh.

The post stated that only 20% of the training centers affiliated with them listed their website in their training center profile. I should be astounded by this, but I’m not.

I get pretty busy most weeks with my family, my business, and my part-time job. When rushed we tend to skip corners and do things a bit too quickly. Most safety instructors are wearing the same shoes I am, multiple shoes for multiple facets of our lives.

In fact I found this blog post in my drafts folder. I started this post months ago and never finished nor posted it. {sigh} Sometimes we all get busy. It happens.

But when you’re running a small business, taking a few minutes to make sure your website is listed everywhere shouldn’t be a skipped step when we’re in a hurry. I’m actually on the opposite side of this issue. I get too many inquiries and am found too easily on search engines. Which means a bit more spam and a lot of inquiries for classes geographically nowhere near me. But I’m getting a lot of calls for students for my classes or organizations that want me to come and train their staff. Busy is good. Hearing crickets instead of my phone ringing or my email pinging is not good. Getting calls to teach classes in other parts of the country … not so good.

When you’re calling an instructor, take a peek at their website. Are they local to you? Do they offer classes in your area? If you’re an instructor, have you listed where you teach on your website?

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