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Just how long is a CPR AED or First Aid class? — 8 Comments

    • For community and wockplare CPR you are not trained to take the pulse. This was done away with in 2005. If you are a medical professional or professionally trained to take a pulse you can still do so. The pulse check was removed and replaced in 2005 with look/listen/feel. In 2010 it was? again changed to a visual inspection. They did away with the pulse check and simplified the technique. Again medical professionals and healthcare providers still check pulse but this community/wockplare vid.

      • Hi Tatenda,

        Actually Look, Listen & Feel for breaths has been part of CPR for much, much longer. I can’t remember how far back but I’m thinking its been there since I was first trained in the 80’s. The pulse check was removed because they found most layperson were actually feeling their own adrenaline-induced pulse and then not starting chest compressions.

        The 2010 Guidelines changes have made CPR even easier than before to learn and remember.

  1. The Red Cross offers onsite training, train-the-trainer courses, as well as online/blended learning classes to meet your organization’s needs. Learn more about training for your employees .

    • Yes, there are many great blended learning class that are a mix of online and classroom practice. Just make sure any online course you look into has an skills or classroom component to allow for hands-on skills practice.

  2. i don’t how anyone could say 6 hours is a long time to learn how to save a life. i was originally under the impression it was at least a week long class.

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