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Rosters & eCards

Roster submission and ordering eCards will now be through your CPR Enroll account.

This website allows you to quickly upload your roster and you can purchase eCards all in one site.

Your login is your email and you can set your own password. Login at https://dashboard.cprenroll.com/#/auth/login.
First time users click “forgot password” to set up your password.

Please use CPR Enroll for paying your annual TC membership fee.

You can download or print this AHA eCard Handout for your students on how to claim their eCard

Instructor Training & Renewals

Instructor Renewals

AHA Coronavirus Guidelines for CPR Instruction webpage.

AHA Interim Guidance on Virtual Training Memo.

Policies, Manuals, and Guides

Training Center Information Sheet

Training Center Policy Manual

Training Center charges and fees

Training Center Cleaning and Decontamination Policy

Training Center COVID-19 Guidelines

Training Center Dispute Resolution Policy

Training Center Instructor Handbook

AHA Instructor Records Transfer Directions

Meeting notes

February 2022 Instructor Newsletter

January 2022 Instructor Newsletter

December 2021 Instructor Newsletter

September 2021 Instructor Newsletter

May 2021 Instructor Newsletter

April 2021 Instructor Newsletter

March 2021 Instructor Newsletter

February 2021 Instructor Newsletter

September 2020 Instructor Meeting Presentation

May 2020 Instructor Email


AHA Instructor Application Form
AHA Instructor Alignment Transfer Request Form
AHA Instructor Renewal Checklist
Coastal CPR Instructor Contract

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