Don’t email me either. I can’t do cheap and fast.

Yes, I’m a small business. And yes, I’d love to have you attend my class or book me to teach at your organization or workplace. But I can’t provide a 6-hour class in 2 hours, and I won’t under-cut other quotes you might have received.

And here’s why.

Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death. Accidental injury is the third. If your family member, close friend, or even you, became injured or suffered sudden cardiac arrest – would you want someone to know what to do to help?

My classes cover all the skills and information you would need to help someone. My course charges are based on the cost of the supplies we use in the class, textbooks, certification cards, and my time to teach the course. I am sharing my knowledge and skills and I won’t undervalue my experience to cut corners just to make a few dollars. I follow the guidelines and requirements for the programs I am certified to teach.

A few months back I did a class for an organization. Someone there specifically requested to hire me because she had taken a class with me a few years ago. Since working with this group she had taken the class with the instructor her group hired every year because they got a ‘deal’. Everyone thought that was fine, except that last year someone was injured. And most of the seasonal staff didn’t know what to do – because it was not covered in the very fast and abbreviated First Aid CPR AED course they were provided. Thankfully she did know what to do – she provided basic First Aid, had someone call 911, and the individual injured received appropriate care and recovered. I can’t say that my training gave her the confidence and skills she needed, but she felt that it did – and wanted to make sure the new staff coming in was trained to know what to do.

I could simply write that you get what you pay for. But honestly that’s not a fair statement because there are a lot of good instructors who volunteer to teach because they believe strongly in the skills they are sharing. I’d rather write that I’m not cheap or fast. I’m thorough, detailed, and my course charges reflect the costs involved in quality safety training. It’s your choice if you take a course with me or not. But ask yourself this – are you taking a CPR or First Aid course to occupy a chair and earn a card or do you really want to know what to do if an emergency happens?

If you’re looking for the cheap and fast class don’t call me.

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