Prime day is coming! Prime day is coming!

Shop for Amazing Prime Day Deals Here.

I buy a lot of my training supplies online. I actually don’t have much of a choice as I can’t find these products locally. I use a variety of online resources looking for good prices to help keep my course charges reasonable.

I bought this awesome portable stretcher on Amazon for my Wilderness First Aid class

So if you’ve taken a class from me and wondered where you can buy a pocket mask, barrier sheet, bag valve mask, splinting supplies, a tourniquet, or more; I buy them all online. I don’t get them all from Amazon, but a few things I do.

Full disclosure – the Amazon links on my website are affiliate links. For each item you buy I receive a small percentage.

I don’t know what First Aid, CPR, or Safety gear might be on sale during the Prime sale, but you can check out the Prime Day Deals here.

Amazon Prime Day 2018
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