I think most of us are good about restocking adhesive bandages in our first aid kits, and checking the batteries on our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. But when was the last time you checked the supply kit for your AED? Do you have a supply kit for your AED?

If you don’t have an AED supply kit you really do need one. It contains things that will help you to use the AED and do CPR. If you don’t have one, I posted a link at the bottom of this post for an AED supply kit on Amazon.

Your AED supply kit should have a barrier device, gloves, gauze or a small towel, scissors, and a razor. Does yours have these things?

Take each item out of the supply kit. Is it in good shape? Will it work? The plastic in pocket masks can break down over time, so take it out of it’s bag. Can you pop it into shape? Does the plastic feel normal? If you can’t pop it into shape or if the plastic feels sticky, then it’s time to replace it.

When you received your AED supply kit each item in the kit is sealed in plastic bags. I usually open all the bags and put them back in the kit. If my hands were shaking because I was nervous or afraid in an emergency I’m not sure if I could rip the plastic bags open or unzip the sealed bags. So I open them and put them back in the kit so they are easier to access when I need them.

So take a few minutes this week to check your AED supply kit.

AED supply links:

AED supply kit:

Have you checked your AED supply kit?
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