In order to teach BLS, CPR AED, First Aid, and pretty much any type of safety or emergency response course, an instructor must have the supplies and equipment to do so. This is post is about all that stuff.

I get asked quite a bit for recommendations on what to buy. There are options and different types of equipment. They all have different price points and what I personally like to use might not be the favorite of another instructor. So this post is not about what brand you might need, it’s generic about all the stuff you need. And warning – it’s a lot of stuff and it is not always inexpensive.

What Safety Instructors Must Have
Note – if you are teaching for your workplace, organization, or at a training organization they may have all of these for you.

Instructor Manual – This has all the information you need to teach a course. You can get them as ebooks or print. But you must have one or have access to one. Hint: Your instructor manual has a course supply list for you.

Course Videos – This is what you use to teach the course. Some programs have a Powerpoint you can use. You can get the videos on DVD, streaming video, and on USB drives. You must have the course video or material or have access to one.

TV, Laptop, Projector, or Something to show the course video or presentation – If you have a video you need something to show it on. Maybe your workplace has this set up for you. However if you have to use a different room or will be teaching on your own you need something to show those videos on.

CPR Manikins – You can’t teach BLS or CPR without CPR manikins. Most programs require no more than 3 students share 1 manikin and that new instructors only observe 2 manikins at a time. This means you need 2 adult manikins, 2 child manikins, and 2 infant manikins. If you are an AHA Instructor your adult manikins must meet the AHA Assistive Feedback Device requirement.

AED Trainers – One per manikin to practice how to use an AED.

Pocket Masks, Training One-Way Valves, Training Barrier Sheets, and Bag Valve Mask Resuscitators – For all BLS and CPR course you need sheets, masks, and valves for breathing practice. You need 1 for each student. The valves and barrier sheets are single use, so you’ll need a lot of them. For BLS classes you’ll need 1 bag valve mask resuscitator for each manikin.

Gloves, Gauze, and Epinephrine Trainers – If you’ll be teaching First Aid you will also need disposable non-latex gloves, dressings, bandages, epinephrine pen trainers, and splinting supplies for First Aid practice.

What Safety Instructors Should Have
These are the things that might not be required as students can get them elsewhere, or things that come in super handy.

Participant Workbooks or eBooks – Most programs require that course participants have a workbook or eBook. You either need to provide them or advise your students where to access them.

Online Course Links – If you are doing blended learning programs you will need to provide course links to your students and let them know where they need to purchase them. Students must complete the online portion of the course before their hands-on skills session.

Knee Pads – Manikins are on the floor. Students are kneeling on the floor. Are you kneeling on a thick carpet on a wood floor or ceramic tile on a concrete slab? The floor is hard. Your students will love you if you bring kneeling pads.

Mats or Towels – These protect the backs of your manikins on the floor. Those pricey manikins. The better care you take of them the longer they will last.

Tables and Chairs – You may be using a space at work or at your Training Center and they will have these. But if you’re doing a class somewhere else or if you’re setting up your own training room you’ll need tables and chairs.

An Additional Set Manikins and AED Trainer – You can have a set to demonstrate skills. Experienced Instructors can monitor up to 3 manikins at a time.

What other equipment do you think Instructor must or should have?

Stuff CPR Instructors should have
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