Suddenly we’re getting a lot of snow. I’m not too thrilled with Punxsutawney Phil, you can read about that in my previous post.  Winter weather means class delays or rescheduling.  I do not like to cancel classes, I will reschedule them.

When snow is forecast I start looking at my calendar for rescheduling dates.  Like most of my class participants I have a lot on my calendar.  Other classes, my per diem job (I’m a substitute teacher), clients for my other business, my kids schedule, and my husband’s schedule.  I use Google Calendar to manage all of this because I can see what’s scheduled on any device in my home or purse.  It sounds crazy busy, but I have part-time businesses and a per diem job so I have more time with my family.

Last Tuesday we had snow.  I rescheduled that class to the next Monday, but did throw out Thursday night as a reschedule option.  I had a class on Thursday night, but no one had registered for it so the evening was open.  I had a college tour scheduled with my daughter for her half day of school on Wednesday so I couldn’t reschedule to Wednesday – and then we had a 2-hour delay.  Her half day was cancelled and so was our college tour.  Thursday it snowed, so I rescheduled Thursday’s classes to the following Thursday (when I had another session of the same class scheduled).  Friday morning we had a 2-hour school delay so I bumped Friday’s class back 1 hour.

However I’m looking the 10-day forecast on both WMUR and The Weather Channel.  We’re supposed to get 1-2″ snow on Saturday, and I have a class on Saturday. Fingers crossed the forecast doesn’t change to more!  We’re supposed to get a blizzard on Monday.  Yeah, Monday – the rescheduled date from last Tuesday’s class.  When can I reschedule this class?  I’m subbing on Tuesday, have a client Wednesday morning, have the rescheduled Thursday class on Thursday and lecture Friday morning.  Looking at the jigsaw puzzle it means offering tonight and Saturday after my 6.5 hour classes to add a 3.5 hour class, Wednesday or Friday after my morning commitments.  Can’t add it after Thursday’s rescheduled class because the kids dentists appointments Thursday afternoon.  We are forecast for snow next Wednesday, but it looks like it will only be a dusting.

Meanwhile I’ve posted today’s delay on my Facebook page, on my website, and emailed all the class participants.

The call to delay was after I was up, I’ve been working on rescheduling options and email for over an hour, inhaled my coffee, and am thinking I am going to need to make a second (or third) cup, when I normally have only 1 cup a day.

This is what rescheduling looks like.


Rescheduling classes
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