I was asked this past week if my courses were certified or approved by OSHA. I know they are, but it started a little research project to find documentation to support this. Because honestly, if someone is asking then they want proof – not just me telling them so.

What I found is that OSHA has guidelines for what a First Aid program needs to meet. It does not certify approve programs. It’s similar to the AHA guidelines. ASHI can state it’s CPR courses meet AHA and ECC Guidelines, but the AHA does not approve ASHI, or ARC, or any of the other organizations that offer certification programs. To become certified you need to fulfill the course requirements that are modeled after the guidelines. It’s the same with OSHA.

I can tell you that AHA, ASHI, and ARC courses I teach all meet AHA, ECC and OSHA guidelines.

And for you to check, here is the direct link to the OSHA Fundamentals of a workplace First-Aid program guide: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3317first-aid.pdf.

OSHA Fundamentals of a workplace First Aid program
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