This page is a rough draft, but a start to the supply list and information for the Wilderness First Aid Course. Updated 4/15/18

Course supplies
Supplies we will use in the class. Most I will provide. If you wish to purchase your own you may do so. I will list costs and am happy to put in an order and split the shipping costs with whomever wants to purchase. You can obviously purchase any of this on your own if you would like to add it to your first aid kit. I am only listing things you can purchase through me, not all the supplies we will use.

Course supplies that must be brought to the Thursday 5/3 class and the weekend campout:
Textbook, notebook, pen/pencil, your troop/camping first aid kit.
Optional: small blanket or throw, old clothes or painter’s coveralls that can be cut with scissors, yoga mat or sleeping pad, masking/painters/duct tape.

Course supplies that Gail is providing:
Gauze, bandaging supplies, elastic bandages, shears, tape, tourniquets, SAM splint, triangular bandages, mylar blankets, yardstick, gloves, small blankets, tweezers, tick spoon, epinephrine pen trainers, moleskin,

Supplies for the course that you can purchase if you would like your own:
Please email me by 4/19 so I can place an order. You can pay for them at the 5/3 class at Camp Seawood.
Item Cost
tweezers .29
mylar blanket 1.90
3″ elastic bandage .90
triangular bandage 1.00
Other supplies you can purchase on Amazon through these links if you would like them, they are optional:
Note: These are affiliate links. I will make like .10 off the purchase of any of these.