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Have you ever wanted to do something to give back?

At Coastal CPR and First Aid, LLC I am very excited to be able to offer CPR by Donation at Nya Studio in Dover, NH. This program is returning from a hiatus and will be held roughly every other month. The schedule of courses is on my course calendar and on the Eventbrite calendar.

Skip directly to Eventbrite Calendar and Registration, or make an online donation to the program.

What is CPR by Donation and Training by Donation?
They are regular CPR and First Aid courses. The same skills are learned and practiced. Course completion cards, aka the “CPR card” or “First Aid card”, are mailed out after successful course completion.

Please note, CPR by Donation course are not Healthcare Provider level courses. If you need healthcare provider certification, or aren’t sure if you do, please email me and we’ll figure out what the correct course is that you need to take.

What makes these courses different are that there are no set fees to attend. However keep in mind that there are expenses to the instructor. There are disposable supplies that must be purchased and discarded after each class; such as mannequin lungs, barrier devices, gloves, bandages, training equipment and AED pads. There is also studio rent and utilities to maintain the studio for courses. Please consider these expenses when making your donation.

How much should I donate?
The amount of your donation is up to you. Feel free to take a peek at my website to see what regular course charges are. The instructor is volunteering their time and expertise to hold the course and is reimbursed their out-of-pocket expenses for course supplies (see list of items in the previous paragraph). A donation is made to to another local and worthy organization. Please make a donation at an amount that you are comfortable with. Your generosity allows this program to run and creates opportunities for participation by some who may not be able to afford to attend a course elsewhere.

All classes are held at Coastal CPR & First Aid at Nya Studio in Dover, NH unless otherwise noted.

All course registrations are handled through Eventbrite. Please scroll down to select the class date and register through the Eventbrite Calendar.