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Gail Klanchesser

Gail Klanchesser

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I’m Gail, I am an American Heart Association CPR and First Aid Instructor and an American and Safety and Health Institute Training Center. I began teaching over 10 years ago and started Coastal CPR and First Aid, LLC in 2009. I am a strong advocate of the benefits of early CPR, early use of an AED and the help & assistance you can provide to someone who is ill or injured by using basic First Aid skills.

At Coastal CPR and First Aid I strongly believe that anyone can make a difference in someone’s life. I offer AHA and ASHI courses which are very practical and hands on. Everyone leaves a class confident in the skills that have been taught.

I also try to make CPR classes accessible, easy to schedule and easy to attend. I provide accommodation for anyone with physical and learning disabilities providing that they can perform the skills when needed. Hands-on skills practice is part of every course I teach. I also provide courses at convenient times and locations for parents who may need to bring their children along. Lack of childcare should not be a barrier to learning CPR and First Aid.

How did Coastal CPR and First Aid happen? It began as a small idea to earn a part-time income after leaving work full-time to take care of my growing family. I had a previous part-time career as a call Firefighter/EMT-Intermediate and had been a NH State EMS Practical Exam Evaluator. I am currently a mom of 4, a CPR and First Aid Instructor for over 10 years and an ASHI Training Center. I volunteer with my children and in my community and I enjoy teaching as a way to continue to give back to my community by teaching the skills needed to make a difference.

An older picture of my children and my infant mannequins
This is an older picture of my children and my infant mannequins. My older girls are in high school and my younger children are in elementary school now.

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Gail Klanchesser
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