You know you need a CPR or First Aid class, but which one do you need?

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Coastal CPR and First Aid, LLC, provides CPR and First Aid courses. Whether you need a CPR or First Aid card for work, volunteering, are a new parent or caring for an older relative at home; CPR and First Aid skills can make the difference until advanced help arrives.

Classroom CPR & First Aid Courses

CPR AED, First Aid, First Aid CPR AED, Pediatric First Aid CPR AED, and Bloodborne Pathogens. These are the full hands-on classroom courses; all material is presented and practiced in a classroom setting.

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Blended and Online CPR & First Aid courses

Want to take a course online? It is convenient and quick, but you still must attend a skills session to practice the skills learned in the course and to earn your certification. You can take CPR AED, First Aid, First Aid CPR AED, Pediatric First Aid CPR AED and Bloodborne Pathogens.

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BLS for Healthcare Providers

Need BLS certification? Courses include the Full BLS course, BLS Renewals/Recerts, a BLS Challenge option and BLS & Heartcode Online

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Next Class

BLS Provider-accelerated
Thursday 11/10 9 am-12:30 pm
Dover, NH

Heartcode BLS Skills Session
Thursday 11/10 1-2:30 pm
Dover, NH

BLS Provider
Thursday 11/10 6-9:30 pm
Dover, NH

Where’s Gail?

In November Gail will be at Constellations Behavioral Services, the Rockingham County Nursing Home, Great Beginnings, Families First Seacoast, and teaching classes for Girl Scout Volunteers in addition to her regular class schedule.

What Our Students Say

The class was great!