This page has links and resources for participants taking the Remote ASHI Child and Babysitting Safety Course.

This course has several parts to it.

  1. An online course. This needs to be completed prior to our remote skills session.
  2. Activities and worksheets that are completed at home before our remote skills session.
  3. The remote skills session where we’ll meet to review what you’ve learned, do some additional activities, and practice some skills.


When you register for the course you’ll receive an email with a unique course link to begin the online portion of the course. If you registered as part of a group, the online course links will be sent out once minimum enrollment has been met.

Please begin the course! You’ll receive reminder emails to launch the course. Do not wait until the a day or two before the remote skills session. You can go back and review any of the course before we meet.

Activities and worksheets you’ll need to do at home

As you get to each of these in the online portion of the course please complete the worksheet or activity.

Babysitters Information Sheet

On the Job Information Sheet

Babysitting Pricing Handout

Your Babysitting Bag Handout

Babysitting Orientation Form
Babysitting Orientation Exercise Directions
In the example in the course a babysitter meets a new family she will babysit for. To be safe during the COVID-19 pandemic you can interview your own family or remotely interview a relative or trusted family friend.

Playtime Exercise Worksheet
Playtime Exercise Worksheet Directions

Handwashing exercise – there is no handout for this, so here are the directions.

  • I’m pretty sure you know how to wash your hands, but it’s a bit more challenging if you have to help a young child wash their hands.
  • For this activity you’ll need someone in your house to help you.
  • Have your helper get their hands dirty, or sticky, or both.
  • You have to wash their hands in the sink, using soap and water, until their hands are completely clean.
  • A grown up in your house can verify that you’ve completed this when we meet remotely.


Materials I will be mailing to you:

  • Child and Babysitting Safety Textbook
  • Paper copies of worksheets and activities. (I will not be mailing the activity directions, they are linked above.)
  • Supplies for First Aid practice


Things you’ll need to provide:

  • Doll (infant handling practice and diapering)
  • Diaper or a folded bandana
  • Optional: Create a babysitters bag from the directions on the Babysitters Bag handout.


Here are supplies you may need if you did not receive your packet in the mail before our remote session:

  • Print the handouts from the links above
  • A pair of gloves you can turn inside out when you take them off (glove removal practice)
  • 2 squares of gauze, or 2 tissues folded in half or quarters (bandaging practice)
  • a roll of gauze, or 2-3″ strip of fabric over 12″ long, or a dish towel folded lengthwise (bandaging practice)

A few days before our remote skills session you’ll receive an email with our video meeting link.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m a Girl Scout, will I earn a badge from taking this course?
You will earn 4 of the 5 steps for the Cadette Babysitting Badge. However you’ll need to do a few additional things to earn a badge.

    Here are the steps for the Cadette Babysitting Badge:

  1. Get to know how kids develop. We will cover appropriate play for different ages in the Child and Babysitting Safety course.
  2. Prepare for challenges. Completing this course will meet this step.
  3. Focus on play. We will cover safe playtime, but you can also observe kids at play, talk with a toy or game creator, or volunteer to watch children.
  4. Find potential employers. The Child and Babysitting Safety Course will review how to safely find families to babysit for.
  5. Practice your babysitting skills. You can babysit, be a parent helper (watching children while a parent works remotely from home), plan activities, snacks, or a game for your siblings or family members.

Where can I find the Cadette Babysitting Badge Booklet?
The badge booklet is in your Cadette Girl Guide. You can also access it through your Council’s Volunteer Toolkit. If you do not have access to VTK your Troop Leader should be able to access it for you. You can also purchase the badge booklet from your Council or GSUSA Store.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or 603/834-3177.

I look forward to meet you at our remote session!

Gail Klanchesser