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Hands-Only CPR Works — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing Tim! I didn’t realize the BAA did that. I help organize a road race and we’re looking at how can we be more prepared for emergencies on the course.

  2. The first aid courses is very important for everyone. Through this we can help other people and save their life.CPR traning give the knowledge how to save the life of another and how to help the other people. You can visit our site for more information about CPR.

    • Thanks Mark. You’re right First Aid and CPR AED classes are important for everyone to learn. I’ll apologize, but I took the link to your website out of your comment. Why did I do that? Because it was to a website that had online-only ‘certification’ classes with no hands on component. If you had read this post you would have realized the post was about Hands Only CPR, not about online sham certifications. To protect you I removed the link so you would not appear as spamming my blog with comments directing readers to your own website that will take their money, provide an online course and issue a ‘card’ they can print at home that no one will accept. My apologies if you are unhappy with my decision, but I felt it necessary to maintain the integrity of my blog. I agree that CPR AED and First Aid courses provide the knowledge that can be used to help and save the lives of others; and that’s why I teach what I do.

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