Looking for an AED, CPR barrier sheets, pocket masks, wearable ID, first aid kits, safety supplies and more? I sell some products at Nya Studio, such as pocket masks, barrier sheets, and supplies to restock your first aid kit.

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Philips AEDs and Supplies Does your organization, school, or business have an AED? Do you need supplies or replacement pads for your AED? I’ve partnered with Heartsmart.com to provide AED’s, AED pads, AED batteries, and other AED supplies. Just click on the image to visit their site.
If you’re scheduling a course and would like to discuss purchasing an AED for your organization please ask me directly for discounted purchase and training package prices.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a serious athlete or an occasional walker, Road ID gear will help keep you safe when you’re out and about. Several years ago I started researching personal ID after a bicyclist had been found unresponsive next to his bike, I even blogged about it. Then I found Road ID. I liked it so much not only did I buy one for myself, I recommend them to others. Emergency bracelets and and more to keep you safe
Emergency bracelets and and more to keep you safe.
The bracelet is comfortable and serves more than one purpose. It details all my emergency contact information – which means if I get hit by a truck when I’m out walking whomever finds me will know who I am and can contact my husband. I can also have WHATEVER I WANT printed on it. Yup, ANYTHING. Which means if I had a medical condition, severe allergy or something that I would want emergency responders to know about it I can have it printed on it. But it’s not just the comfy bracelet that has me raving about Road ID – they have supernova lights, reflective shoe laces and more to keep you visible when you’re out and about.
First Aid & Safety Supplies from First Aid Mart and First Aid Products

First Aid & Safety Supplies from First Aid Mart and First Aid Products

Looking for First Aid kits, CPR barriers and other safety supplies? You can visit First Aid Mart. They have the cool things that you can’t find anywhere else. Like bandages that look like pickles and mylar sleeping bags, as well as first aid kits and a lot of safety supplies.

Temporary tattoos for kids and those who may not be able to provide their information in an emergency

Have you ever lost a child at a large event? Worried that your special needs child or family member may not be able to answer questions in an emergency? Or perhaps are concerned that your child might not remember to tell their school chaperones about their allergies?

Safety Tat can help!

This easy to use temporary tattoo comes in a variety of styles. You can have your phone number or emergency information printed on them, or purchase a style that comes with a special pen that allows you to customize each tattoo as needed. This is an effective way to get kids to wear medical ID when you don’t think they’ll keep a bracelet, anklet or necklace on.

What to do if your infant or child is choking. You can order a magnet I’ve made up or download a free copy from the image link.

While I don’t have an affiliate agreement with them, I order a lot of my First Aid supplies from WNL Products. I’m including the link to their site if you’d like to purchase something that we used in class.