Welcome to Nya Studio! Home of Coastal CPR & First Aid, LLC and Zabel Belly Dance, LLC. Not Your Average Studio is aptly named as where else would you find CPR and First Aid instruction and Belly Dance in the same place? Nya Studio is also the home for small workshops and programs.

Nya Studio, Dover, NH

Nya Studio, Dover, NH

We are both fortunate to be successful with part-time businesses. However being part-time means there are many hours each week the studio is empty. We have both been fortunate to begin our businesses by renting space from others and we’re happy to be able to now offer that to you.

Nya Studio is available for sublet when one of our regularly scheduled classes is not in session. The studio can be rented by the hour, day or weekend. Please email me at info @ coastalcpr.com for information and rental fees.

Nya Studio is a roughly 20’x20′ room. Below are some pics:

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2014-10-21 08.42.59

2014-10-21 08.42.52

2014-10-21 08.42.07

2014-10-21 08.41.28

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