Welcome to Coastal CPR and First Aid, LLC! We are a National AHA Training Center located in Hampton, NH.

Interested in joining our Training Center? You can start by filling out an Instructor Application Form.

Detailed information and resources can be found on our Instructor Resources page.

5/30/2020 Instructor Email

We did it! A few weeks ago, we were notified that the American Heart Association had approved our Training Center Application form. We are now an official AHA Training Center!

There are still a lot of things we are setting up to get the new Training Center up and running. This email is to fill you in on some of the details, policies, and costs. There are many things we are still working on so there maybe changes and updates. We will do our best to keep everyone informed.

Information will be posted on the Coastal CPR & First Aid website, www.CoastalCPR.com. There is a new instructor page – www.CoastalCPR.com/instructors. There will be links to password protected instructor information.

A new Training Center Policy manual is posted on the website . In addition, we are writing an instructor handbook with specific Training Center and Training Site details for instructors.

We will be creating the Training Center from scratch. This means all instructors aligning with the new Training Center will need to complete paperwork to do so. We’ve decided this because some of you are seasoned instructors, and some of you are newer. We have detailed to incomplete instructor paperwork and records. We’ll start everyone with new records and add in what we do have from before.

Instructor Application Form

How to align with the new Training Center:
Log into the Instructor Network. Click on Dashboard, then Edit My Profile, then Alignment. Click on Add Disciplines box and select your discipline (BLS or Heartsaver). It will then prompt or you give you an error message to select a Training Center. Search for Hampton, NH and NH20943 – Coastal CPR & First Aid, LLC.

Training Sites
Several of you train alongside other instructors at your department or workplace. We are planning to set up Training Sites to organize instructors who work together.

This is the one everyone is wondering about, how much will this cost? There are costs and expenses to running a Training Center. We looked at how we should cover these expenses and came up with 3 fee structures that we felt would be fair and equitable to everyone.

Annual membership fee – this is a per instructor cost. This fee covers Training Center expenses that benefit all instructors. Right now, that cost is the insurance we needed to purchase. This insurance covers General Liability for the Training Center and Professional Liability for all the instructors aligned with the Training Center. In the future this fee would cover part of the supplies, rent, and utilities for the Training Center. This is a fee that would be due annually by January 1st. As our Training Center grows and the number of instructors increase, this fee will be reviewed towards the end of each year to adjust as needed.

eCard fee – this is the cost per eCard issued. The fee covers the cost of the physical card, the administrative time to order them, issue them, check rosters, and file rosters.

Usage fee – this is the cost to instructors if they wanted to use the Training Center classroom, equipment, and supplies to teach their own classes.

Each Training Site and instructor should factor these fees when budgeting for classes and/or setting their course charges.

If we need to providing monitoring or mentoring support to instructors there may be a charge for this.

The fiscal year for the Training Center will be January-December. As we are starting partway through 2020, the annual membership fee is slightly pro-rated to cover less than a year, but to also help cover the cost of the insurance payment we began paying as of March 2020.

Instructor Requirements
Instructors will be required to teach AHA courses meeting all AHA requirements and guidelines. Instructors are required to have their own instructor materials or access to them.