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In general I am at Nya Studio at the Dover Point Office Park, 44 Dover Point Rd. in Dover, NH when I have a scheduled class. I am occasionally there at other times but do not have specific office hours.

Please do not mail course payments or other materials to the studio. Course payments can be mailed to: Gail Klanchesser, 18 Coleman Drive, Newington, NH 03801.

Most courses offered by Coastal CPR & First Aid are held at Nya studio at the Dover Point Office Park, 44 Dover Point Road in Dover, NH.

I still offer courses on location for businesses, schools and organizations. Just visit my scheduling courses at your location page for information and pricing. You can always call or email me with any questions.

We’re on the second floor on the right hand side of the building.  Just look for our blue sign.

We’re on the second floor on the right hand side of the building. Just look for our blue sign.

Directions to Coastal CPR & First Aid, 44 Dover Point Rd, Dover, NH

From Portsmouth or points South: Take Rte 16/Spaulding Turnpike North to Exit 6 Dover. At the fork in the ramp bear left and turn left at the traffic light. Travel approximately 3 miles. Dover Point Office Park will be on your right just over a half a mile after Tendercrop Farm.

We're the office above our blue sign! The stairwell door is to the left of our sign.

We’re the office above our blue sign! The stairwell door is to the left of our sign.

From Rochester or points North: Take Rte 16/Spaulding Turnpike South towards Dover. Take exit 7. At traffic light at bottom of ramp turn left. Go through 1 traffic light and then bear right up a steep hill. Turn right on Dover Point Road. Dover Point Office park will be on your left just after Bill Dube Ford.

From Stratham, Exeter or points West: Take Rte 108 to Dover. Go under Rte 16/Spaulding Turnpike. After the next set of lights bear right up a steep hill. Turn right on Stark Ave, and continue onto Dover Point Road. Dover Point Office park will be on your left just after Bill Dube Ford.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there anything I need to bring to the class?
Nope! Unless specified otherwise, books and course materials are provided for you at the class. If you want to bring something to write with or to take additional notes on you may.

When do I receive my certification card?
For AHA classes cards are received in the mail about 2-3 weeks after the class. My AHA Training Center, Portsmouth Regional Hospital, does not issue cards in advance of the class.
For ASHI classes cards are often mailed out after the class has been held. Occasionally if everyone has pre-paid for the class I may have them pre-printed and available at the conclusion of the course.

coffee cup

We all love our coffee and tea

Can I bring something to eat or drink to the class?
You can bring a drink or snack. I just ask that you not bring anything sticky or greasy as that can damage my CPR & First Aid equipment. In classes of 3 hours a brief 5-10 minute break is provided. For classes of 4 hours or longer we will have a 30-60 minute meal break.

Where can I get something to eat during the class break?
There are several places within a short drive of the studio. Birdie’s Cafe is located in the Dover Point Office Park and is generally open until 2pm on weekdays. There are several restaurants and a bakery located just a short drive north to Downtown Dover. McDonalds is located just a 10 minute drive south on Gosling Rd in Newington and there are several restaurants along Woodbury Ave in Newington Portsmouth. **Closest coffee is located at Birdie’s Cafe**

What do I wear to a CPR or First Aid class?
Please wear comfortable clothing. If you have long hair you might want to bring a ponytail holder or a headband. For First Aid we will be sitting or moving around. For CPR AED we will be sitting, kneeling and bending over on the floor. CPR AED is a hands-on course; participants should expect to compress on the mannequins to learn the hands-on skills.

I lost my card, how do I get another one?
To request a replacement card please email me. I’ll need to know your name, the type of class you took or type of card you lost, where you took the class and the approximate date. I have to pull the original roster in order to request or print a replacement card so as much info as you can provide is helpful. There is a $8.00 charge for replacement cards.

Do you cancel classes due to low enrollment or bad weather or…. why would you cancel a class?
First off, I don’t cancel classes. However I might reschedule a class due to weather, illness or some other strange calamity.
I wrote a whole blog post about this which you can read here.

When I make a decision on whether to reschedule a class or not I look at what the road conditions are before the class, and what they are anticipated to be like when the class is over. I don’t want anyone having problems driving home.

All weather related class schedule changes will be posted on my Facebook Page prior to posting on my website or notifications via email. Any info posted my Facebook Page will be the most current.

In general my policy is:

Rescheduling due to weather:


Sometimes it snows in New Hampshire

  • If school in Newington, Portsmouth or Dover is cancelled the class will not be held as scheduled. I will contact all participants with options to reschedule or refund if appropriate.
  • If schools in Newington, Portsmouth or Dover have a delayed opening any weekday morning class may begin 30min to 1 1/2 hours later than scheduled. (I have children to put on school buses.)
  • During school vacations I make the best guess I can based on the outside weather and the forecast for later in the day.

Other reasons I may reschedule a class:


Sometimes we get sick

  • If I am ill I will reschedule the class. I don’t want to make anyone else ill. I also ask that if you are ill call or email me to reschedule as I don’t want to get ill nor would anyone else in the class.
  • One of my kids are ill. I’m a parent, I have 4 children. Sometimes they get sick and I need to be home with them.
  • Some other calamity comes up. This sounds vague, but sometimes life happens. I lost a ring of keys in Dover once. I showed up at the studio we were using and we were locked out. I couldn’t reach anyone to let us in, and all my equipment was locked inside. Last minute calamities I’ll try to email/text the class with as much notice as I am able.